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Bliss Mobil becomes piece of art


Bliss’ latest delivery is more than just a unit. It is a piece of art.


Moritz and his wife Maya from Switzerland found their passions combined in their UNIC 3466 with the Bliss Mobil 20 foot unit with alcove. Moritz restored the unique UNIC 3466 himself. His wife Maya, an artist, transformed the Bliss Mobil unit into a piece of art.


45 year old truck

The UNIC 3466 with the Bliss Mobil 20 foot container with alcove has officially been delivered this Monday April 24.  The love for the UNIC sits deep with Moritz. “I grew up with butter milk and UNIC”, so Moritz tells. The 45 year old truck has been dismantled to the smallest part and assembled again by Moritz himself. After 2800 hours (at least) of dedication and craftsmanship the UNIC 3466 has been transformed into an even more unique truck with the conversion from a single cabin to a double, a new motor, lengthening of the wheelbase and going from shift to automatic gear.


The Bliss unit concept, being on a torsion free sub-frame and not fixed onto the truck itself was exactly what he was looking for to make his UNIC ready to travel the world.


Platform for art

His wife Maya saw in the Bliss unit a perfect platform for art. The Bliss unit is now decorated with cultural, spiritual and nature drawings in an illustrative tattoo kind of style. Maya: “I immediately had an idea for artwork the first time I saw the Bliss unit. The symbols express who we are, what interests us.”



The customization within the standard  concept of Bliss Mobil complements the UNIC in every way. The unit has been equipped with the Bliss independent energy infrastructure and water supply. The included high pressure membrane water filtration system give Moritz and Maya the ultimate freedom of independence for worldwide travelling; which the design on the outside of the unit expresses so beautifully. The kitchen has been equipped additionally with a steam oven, now available as an accessory within the Bliss gamma.


Bliss and UNIC: where nostalgia and  innovation become art. 


Want to follow Moritz' and Maya's on their world tour? Go to www.mokama.ch.

Published: 27-04-2017